Puerto Madero: One of the best walking neighborhoods of Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero has become one of the most fashionable and expensive places to live in the city. It represents the largest wide-scale urban project in the city of Buenos Aires.

It is an ideal location for a relaxing walk, a romantic dinner at one of the many exclusive restaurants, or a tango show at the elegant and avant-garde Faena Hotel. The neighborhood offers beautiful views of the cityscape, particularly at dusk as the city lights start to shimmer.

The modern sophistication that now characterizes this neighborhood contrasts greatly with its origins. In 1880, the city’s government began to build a new port, which was later given the name Puerto Madero in honor of Engineer Eduardo Madero, its designer.

The project turned out to be quite similar to that of the docklands in London, with four closed and connected docks which are places parallel to the river. In 1910, the port was already too small for the needs of the city that had increasingly gained a greater commercial activity. It was then the so-called New Port (Puerto Nuevo) was built north of Puerto Madero.

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As years went by, Puerto Madero was abandoned but, in the early 1990s, a renewal project was carried out and the port became one of the trendiest boroughs in Buenos Aires: the old red brick warehouses were transformed into elegant apartments, lofts, exclusive restaurants, offices and recreation areas.

There is a perfect balance between tranquility and proximity to downtown. It is also a very clean and the safest district of BA. Besides being under surveillance constantly by the Coastguards, all the apartments are well-equipped with the latest technology as regards self-protection.

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The neighborhood's road network has been entirely rebuilt, especially in the east side. The layout of the east side consists of three wide boulevards running east-west crossed by the east side's main street, Juana Manso Avenue. The layout is completed with parks, some other avenues and minor streets, running both east-west and north-south, and by several pedestrian streets.

For this reason, Puerto Madero has become the preferred address for growing numbers of young professionals and retirees, alike. Increasing property prices have also generated interest in the area as a destination for foreign buyers, particularly those in the market for premium investment properties.

As you stroll through the neighborhood, there are some specific attractions to enjoy and that you should not miss:



Puente de la Mujer

Designed by Santiago Calatrava, this spectacular footbridge has a single mast with cables suspending a portion of the bridge which rotates 90 degrees in order to allow water traffic to pass. When it swings to allow watercraft passage the far end comes to a resting point on a stabilizing pylon.

The Puente de la Mujer (Women's Bridge), by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is the newest link between the east and west docks of Puerto Madero.

The Ecological Reserve

With over 200 species of birds, scuttling iguanas as well as joggers and cyclists, it is a multi-purpose green space. Here, you can join many visitors who descend here to run or to enjoy a spot of bird watching in peace.

Over time, sand and sediment began to build up and developed itself into a biodiversity sample of the native Llanura Pampeana ecosystem, the area now boasts a few trees, mostly willows, ceibos and acacias and is home to the city's only wild flamingos, egrets, ducks, parrots and nutrias.

The Nereids Fountain

It is a masterpiece of sculptor Lola Mora, who designed it in the city of Rome in 1902. Its first location was in the downtown area, but due to the scandal caused by the nude figures, it was moved to its current location in 1918.

The material used is Carrara marble. Tritons, Nereids and an Aphrodite – Venus make up a harmonious sculptural work.

The Faena Hotel

It was designed by the prestigious French artist Philippe Starck together with Argentine entrepreneur Alan Faena who named the complex after himself. The Hotel has a great Pool bar and and hip restaurant that is really worth visiting. This is one of the hottest places to have pre-dinner drinks in Buenos Aires. Just have a sip at the luxurious pool bar or the cabaret bar. Mixed, but dead trendy crowd meet every Thursday and Friday evenings.

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