Manaos and Jungle with Juma Hotels

7 Days/6 Nights

From: USD 2468 per person in double basis.

The experience of the city and the jungle with the same host spirit, that of the Juma Hotels.


Itinerary at a glance

Day 1 – Manaos
Day 2 – Manaos
Day 3 – Manaos
Day 4 – Juma Amazon Lodge
Day 5 – Juma Amazon Lodge
Day 6 – Return to Manaos



Arrival at Manaus Airport, reception at the airport and transfer to Hotel Juma Opera located in the historic center of Manaus. Free time to rest in the hotel facilities or take a walk around the surroundings of the Amazonas Theater.

Breakfast and departure for the City Tour in Manaus. We leave from the Hotel at 09:00 am with direction to the Port of Manaus, the Adolpho Lisboa Market with internal visit, the varied Mercado de Fish and Bananas located in the center of Manaus with an immense variety of fruits of the river and the jungle, in sizes, flavors and colorful natural products. Then we continue towards the center where we will pass by the Rio Negro Palace, official headquarters of the Government of the State of Amazonas and a beautiful example of the architecture of the golden period of the Rubber. Here we will visit the Museum of the City of Manaus MUMA, a cultural space located in the Pazo de la Libertad in the center of Manaus.

Then we continue with the visit to the imposing Teatro Amazonas inaugurated in 1896, one of the main points tourist of the city. Symbol of the rubber age and all the wealth and grandeur that they are still transmitted in its corridors, rooms and works of art. Return to the Hotel and free afternoon to enjoy the Hotel facilities.

Breakfast and departure for the Tour to the MUSA – Museum of the Amazon. This tour lasts approximately 4 hours. Departure from the Hotel at 09:00 am in the direction of MUSE. This Museum was founded in 2009, a living open-air museum in a segment of the Adolpho Ducke forest reserve, a primary forest in the city of Manaus. Within this The same area was also created the Botanical Garden that surprises visitors with its species and botanical specimens. The Musa is equipped with towers to observe the jungle in different heights and strata, exhibition tents and pavilions where flora and fauna can be observed and culture of the Amazon. This Museum brings together the studies of more than 60 years of research with the aim of promoting environmental education, preserving native species and showing the visitor in their natural habitat part of their Amazonian flora, fauna, and culture. Return to the Hotel and Free afternoon to enjoy the Hotel.

Breakfast, check out and departure to the Juma Lodge

Reflecting its environment, Juma Amazon Lodge is rustic yet beautiful, offering guests an optimized blend of authenticity and comfort. The lodge’s footprint is minimalist, yet elegant in concept. Six of our bungalows offer views of the surrounding forest, 12 are riverfront and one is panoramic.

All bungalows have private bathrooms with hot water solar systems, porches with hammocks and ceiling fans ideal for the Amazonian night, which tends to be far cooler than Manaus.

07: 30hs. Breakfast and departure towards the port of Manaus where we will embark for the Juma Lodge. During the tour we will pass through the famous Meeting of the Waters seeing how are the Solimoes and Negro rivers.

11: 00hs. Arrival at the Lodge with a welcome drink and lodging.

12: 00hs. Lunch with buffet system.

3:00 p.m. Rowing canoe ride. This tour is a reconcomiendo tour that will be made in rowing canoes through the “Igarapes” (streams) and the “Igapos” (flooded jungle the river as well as observing the local fauna.

7:00 p.m. Dinner.

20: 00hs. Nautical walk to observe alligators. Night canoe ride motorized for wildlife observation, especially alligators. The canoes are approaching the shore where the jungle guides illuminate the alligators with powerful flashlights for their best observation. It is also an excellent opportunity to observe animals that pose in the trees near the banks of the river. Return to the lodge.

05: 00hs. Departure to contemplate the sunrise over the Amazon. On this ride not only we will contemplate the sunrise over the river but also the awakening of the jungle with the envelope flight of birds that start the day and the first movements of local fauna such as the monkeys and other mammals.

07: 00hs. Return to the lodge and buffet breakfast.

08: 00hs. Walk through the jungle. The best opportunity to see the jungle up close.

Accompanied by specialized guides, this tour allows the passenger to know better the largest forest of the world and its specimens of fauna and flora especially the immense Samauma, large trees with very thick trunks that stand in the middle of the jungle.

12: 00hs. Buffet lunch.

3:00 p.m. Recreational fishing for piranhas. An activity to meet these particular fish from the Amazon, a recreational fishing with return.

Practice allows you to capture piranhas for observation and then return them alive to the river. An ideal activity for the whole family in the middle of the jungle

7:00 p.m. Dinner

20: 00hs. Talk about the Amazon. A moment to share with the local jungle guides, inhabitants of the Amazon where they present topics related to life in jungle communities, the aborigines, their myths and legends and themes referring to the ethnic encounter with whom They live in the largest forest in the world.

07: 00hs. Breakfast

09: 00hs. Walk through the jungle with a picnic. We return to the jungle for a nice walk with a surprise: lunch will be served in the middle of the jungle. Then we will have time to rest in nets placed between the trees.

3:00 p.m. Visit to the communities of Cablocos. This experience will allow us to visit the sac of those who live in the jungle, the Cablocos, descendants of families formed by aborigines and white men. Their culture, traditions and lifestyle will be presented in this visit, especially its typical process of cultivation and preparation of tapioca and its flour, so common in this region of Brazil.

7:00 p.m. Return to the lodge and dinner.

07: 00hs. Breakfast

08: 30hs. Check out and return to Manaus with stops on the Pirarocu floating

12: 00hs. Arrival in Manaus and transfer to the airport.

The program includes:

● Guests are allowed to bring 10 kg (22 lbs) of luggage per person. Luggage exceeding this amount can be stored in Juma Opera Hotel in Manaus for no additional charge.
● Juma is located in a black water region, so there are almost no mosquitoes there.
● Rooms are equipped with fans. The bathrooms offer solar-heated water.

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