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Culinary Vacations

The best way to experience South America’s cuisine is through a culinary tour. This experience will provide you with the memorable opportunities to dine at exquisite restaurants and learn to shop at local markets and immerse yourself into the tasty culture. You will return home not only with amazing photographs, but also with skills to delight and dazzle your friends and family.

Whether you’re an apprentice foodie or a well-travelled connoisseur, you’ll find a world of enticing tours to stimulate your appetite.

Cooking Classes
Our culinary trips include cooking classes, accommodations and guided pathway tours to explore each country and region’s unique culinary history. Cook under the guidance of an enthusiastic chef who shares her cuisine secrets of typical Argentinean, Chilean or Peruvian dishes and its relation to its culture, all while learning about the traditional products from the specific country.

Premium Wine Tasting
Enjoy the flavors of the best signature wines of Argentina and Chile, many of which were awarded as the best ones in the world.

Peruvian Superfoods
A mecca for super foods, Peru is home to a long list of agricultural products, due in large part to the country’s diverse microclimates and landscapes. From quinoa to tarwi, get to know these Peruvian superfoods. You’ll likely spot them on store shelves, restaurant menus, and even in cocktails during your exclusive tour to Peru.

We offer trips in the following countries:

Get inspired by browsing these sample itineraries for inspiration, and start thinking about what you want to experience during your customized travel.