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Adventure Vacations

Do you prefer your holiday with a side of adrenaline? We designed journeys for those who seek thrills in some of the world’s most fascinating destinations of South America. Whether you want a luxurious adventure or want to experience the raw power of nature, there are options for everyone. Activities include jungle camping, canoeing and kayaking on lakes, Amazon river cruises, piranha fishing, hiking through the rainforest of Brazil looking for native wildlife, ice-trekking on glaciers in Chile and Argentina, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, exploring the world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia, whitewater rafting in Patagonia or exploring the jaw-dropping landscapes of Torres del Paine and its famous W Trek hiking route.

We offer trips in the following countries:

Ideas handcrafts adventure vacations designed around your needs, timeframe and budget. To get a taste of what’s possible, check out these sample itineraries. Then chat to our professional team to custom-create your itinerary. Your outdoor adventure travel itinerary of your trip of your lifetime will be unique to you.
Gear up for the experience of a lifetime!