The best Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

It’s hard to write an introduction for a food city as Rio de Janeiro. There are many great options in every single neighborhood. And while a lot of them are good, we want to make sure that you have all of the best Rio de Janeiro restaurants on your radar. What are some of your favorite Rio de Janeiro restaurants? Let us know in the comments!


One of the first restaurants in South America to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star, take a seat and discover the most sophisticated pan-Asian cuisine in Rio. The vision of celebrity chef Ken Hom and led by Executive Chef Kazuo Harada, MEE takes you on an exotic gastronomic journey. Taste your way through countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Among the exciting menu, Michelin recommends the spicy Thai salad with tangerine and quail egg sushi with truffle.

WHERE: Belmond Copacabana Palace / CUISINE: Pan-Asian


Overlooking the Copacabana’s legendary swimming pool, Pérgula Restaurant offers first class Brazilian and international cuisine in a refined yet relaxed atmosphere. The casual poolside ambience is perfect. Don’t miss the Sunday ́s Brunch overlooking the beach. It is superb!

WHERE: Belmond Copacabana Palace / CUISINE: Brazilian-Mediterranean


Climb up an alley to the very top of Santa Teresa and you'll stumble across this family-run restaurant surrounded by a lush tropical garden. The solid timber tables are set at various levels and all boast views of the neighborhood itself and across to the city. The shady garden with its soothing birdsong provides a relaxing setting in which to sip one of the special cachaças and choose from a menu that offers a whole host of delicious dishes from right across Brazil.

WHERE: Santa Teresa / CUISINE: Brazilian


Known as one of the best restaurants in Rio, and named after the finest hotel in Venice, this award- winning restaurant offers exceptional Northern Italian cuisine. The vibrant menu combines the best in Brazilian and Italian ingredients. Innovative dishes sit alongside classic recipes that have been passed down for generations. Chef’s Table: Located in the heart of the Hotel Cipriani Restaurant’s kitchen, the Chef’s Table is one of the most exclusive fine-dining adventures in Rio. Guests to follow the chef as he prepares an array of dishes inspired by the day’s freshest ingredients. This special menu is paired with carefully selected wines. A 24-hour notice is required to reserve the Chef's Table.

WHERE: Belmond Copacabana Palace / CUISINE: Italian


The barbecues served at Assador Rio ́s is prepared the traditional gaucho style by the Guanabara Bay with amazing view to Sugarloaf mountain. Among several delicious meat cuts we highlight tomahawk, chorizo steak and lamb shoulder. Side dishes are always fresh and varied.

WHERE: Botafogo / CUISINE: Brazilian barbecue


The kitchen of Pedro de Artagão reached the seashore. Snacks or dishes, seafood or meats, have options for all palates. But if you accept a tip, try the prawn pie (ask for a spoon!) And the octopus with the vinaigrette, they are eating and praying. The oysters coming from Santa Catarina are also very fresh and combine with the kiosk atmosphere.

WHERE: Leblon beach / CUISINE: Mediterranean


Bagatelle is located on the Jockey Clube Brasileiro, offering a menu of French dishes with a Brazilian touch. The classic French dishes, Calamars à la Plancha and the Entrecôte Angus au Poivre, are the highlights of the menu. A change in the atmosphere happens after dinner, when the lights go dim and a DJ steps in, transforming the place into a dance floor.

WHERE: Gávea / CUISINE: French-Brazilian


Creative and contemporary cooking in a modern and urban space. The menu features dishes made from Brazilian, as well as Eastern and European, ingredients, so dried meatballs with pumpkin and barbecue sauce compete with duck carpaccio with goat's cheese and thyme. Quick snacks are also available, such as soups, sandwiches and dishes to take away.

WHERE: Ipanema / CUISINE: contemporary


Creative and contemporary cooking in a modern and urban space. The menu features dishes made from Brazilian, as well as Eastern and European, ingredients, so dried meatballs with pumpkin and barbecue sauce compete with duck carpaccio with goat's cheese and thyme. Quick snacks are also available, such as soups, sandwiches and dishes to take away.

Where: Ipanema/Cuisine: Contemporary


Charbon Rouge located at Lagoa is a restaurant created for art and gastronomy lovers. The high celling lounge is finely decorated with natural and organic elements in great balance with the view to Lagoa. The speciality is meat and the menu is signed by chef Pedro Pecego.

WHERE: Lagoa / CUISINE: meat, contemporary


Located in the refurbished Marina da Glória with a pleasant atmosphere in the best porteño style, revealing an exquisite and tasty menu dedicated to Argentine barbecue. With a project signed by Zeh Arquitetura, the house has an air-conditioned wine cellar, a balcony overlooking the Guanabara Bay and wooden decoration.

WHERE: Glória / CUISINE: Argentinian


Ella Pizzaria brings to Rio the authentic Neapolitan pizza, of natural fermentation, super light dough and made in the wood oven (handmade oven specially made for the pizzeria). The big star of the house is the edge of the pizza. The pizzas have high edges and "leopard spots" - small black dots around the edge, which, as the name implies, look like the leopard spots.

WHERE: Jardim Botânico / CUISINE: pizza


What makes the Botafogo branch special is its amazing view of the Guanabara Bay with its many colorful boats and the Sugar Loaf on the background. The steakhouse is usually sought after by those who wish to spend their leisure moments or event work a little in an exclusive restaurant with a view of the sea. The branches offer excellent meat cuts and the desserts are delicate and have amazing textures combined with flavors that are traditionally Brazilian.

WHERE: Botafogo / CUISINE: Brazilian barbecue


Located in Leblon, the authentic bistro combines classic Parisian recipes with Brazilian touches by carioca chef Pedro de Artagão, chosen chef of the year in 2014 by Veja Rio Prêmio Comer & Beber awards. The menu is divided in four parts: pour partager – to share; las entrées – starters; le plats – main courses; and les desserts – desserts.

WHERE: Leblon / CUISINE: French


Located in Leblon, the Giuseppe Grill is a classic steakhouse, complete with wood panelling and exposed brick. On the menu: fine cuts of beef including the Bife de chourizo, a flavorful picanha, the Filé Porterhouse and an Ojo de bife, served with basic sides that help to highlight the meat as the main attraction. For the less carnivore, there is also fresh seafood on ice and one the menu. Check out the extensive international wine list.

WHERE: Leblon / CUISINE: Brazilian, meat


One of the restaurants responsible for turning Botafogo into a gastronomy center, has been sweeping up prizes and customers. Born with the idea of creating a "new Brazilian cuisine". This old colonial house in Botafogo is one of the most sought after and busy restaurants in town.

WHERE: Botafogo / CUISINE: Brazilian-contemporary


Occupying a vast room inside the MAM (Museu de Arte Moderna), Laguiole's personality comes from its black painted ceiling, its colourful armchairs and its interesting paintings by contemporary artists - making it a space within the museum worthy of a visit in its own right. Here, the young chef - who trained in some of the best restaurants in Rio and Paris - creates dishes with contemporary flair; these are accompanied by wines from one of the best cellars in Brazil. Opens from 12:00-5:00pm

WHERE: Flamengo / Cuisine: Contemporary


The artisanal and technological cuisine inspired by the Basque Country gastronomy is run by chef Rafa Costa e Silva. Rustic local produce and also from its two gardens are used in the recipes that challenge the taste buds. The restaurant presents different menus to please all tastes.

WHERE: Botafogo / CUISINE: Contemporary


Located in the heart of Ipanema, one block from the beach, the colorado bordeaux house is an excellent choice for seafood lovers. While strolling down Avenida Henrique Dumont, one can observe the interior of the restaurant, elegant and at the same time bare and pleasant, through the charming windows. However, the menu super varied, does not leave aside the pastas, risottos and meats, these always differentiated since the sauces are made from fresh ingredients, using many herbs, mushrooms and vegetables in their preparation.

WHERE: Ipanema / CUISINE: seafood


Nam Thai is one of the few to have the Thai government seal of approval – the Thai Select. After three successful years in Itaipava, chef David Zisman went down the Rio de Janeiro mountain range and chose Leblon to house the awarded establishment. The house makes some of their own ingredients, and import others to guarantee its authenticity.

WHERE: Leblon / CUISINE: Thai


The restaurant chosen as one of the 50 best restaurants of Latin America has a Michelin Star. Through Claude Troisgros’ work done since 1983, Olympe marks the combination of the evolution of the Brazilian cuisine with French techniques, and proposes a new gastronomic experience led by Claude Troisgros. His contemporary vision reinterprets the Brazilian flavors, valuing products of the land and charming the customers.

WHERE: Jardim Botânico / CUISINE: French-Brazilian


The perfect partnership is formed between the chef, Felipe Bronze, and the sommelier - his wife, Cecilia Aldaz - and they will transform your visit into an event that will linger long in the memory. The modern, intimate space is embellished with designer details, while the contemporary Brazilian cuisine showcases fine textures and delicate flavours - it is presented as small portions or snacks.

WHERE: Leblon / Cuisine: contemporary


The restaurant concept focus on bringing the essence and authenticity of the Portuguese cuisine to Rio with classic recipes passed from generation to generation and full of stories; in an ambient that reflects the culture that has long been part of the Brazilian history.

WHERE: Lagoa / CUISINE: Portuguese


A gastronomic proposal of high quality, based on the concept "from farm to the plate", it is an experience, where you enjoy the best products, prepared with respect, in a rustic and cozy environment.

WHERE: Jardim Botânico / Cuisine: Brazilian, meat


For seafood-lovers the temptation begins the moment you enter this restaurant with its display of fresh fish and continues with the fish tanks containing lobsters, slipper lobsters and mollusks. The secret of this famous restaurant is its use of the best products to prepare simple, carefully- considered dishes. Try the Southern King Crab (shredded crab served with lemon and oil) and sea bream in salt.

WHERE: Ipanema / CUISINE: Mediterranean


With a project signed by the architect Ivan Rezende, the new house occupies 490 square meters and offers 183 seats at the table. The menu, in addition to the classic dishes of Soho, is branded by award-winning chef Rafael Hidaka, owner of a star in the Michelin Guide. Founded in 1998 in the capital of Bahia, Soho incorporates the concept of fusion cuisine: it combines the best of Japanese cuisine with other Asian varieties.

WHERE: Glória / CUISINE: Japanese-Brazilian


The friendly Taj Mahal is set in a beautiful house in the Botanical Garden and brings together the colorful decoration of Indian culture with the aromas and flavors of gastronomy. The tip is to invest in the classic menu and taste from the breads, made in Tandoori to the samozas of vegetables or chicken accompanied by the lassi made in the shell of passion fruit.

WHERE: Jardim Botânico / CUISINE: Indian


The name of the business means "nature" in Hebrew. Accommodated in the elegant Chicô Gouveia design room, examine the 100% vegetable menu of Daniel Biron, chef from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York. Signed by Dionísio Chaves, the wine list brings only biodynamic, organic, natural and sustainable labels.

WHERE: Ipanema / CUISINE: vegetarian


Designed in amphi-theater, this environment was created to fully integrate with nature in front of you. With a menu managed by chefs Daiske Takao, Fernando Vaz and Dianna Macedo, the flavors of modern Asia compose a vibrant setting. Drinks, sakes and wine menus harmonize the experience.

WHERE: Centro / CUISINE: Asian-Brazilian


The clean lines inside and out at the inviting, wood-panelled Zuka on Leblon’s foodie favorite Rua Dias Ferreira are echoed in the carefully prepared dishes emerging from chef Ludmilla Soeiro's kitchen. The focal point of the restaurant, amid its blonde-wood paneling, is the open grill where diners can catch a glimpse of the chef preparing, say, filet mignon with goat cheese risotto.

WHERE: Leblon / CUISINE: Contemporary

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