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There are many ways to experience Tango. These are the best activities and tours that we strongly recommend you to do when you visit Buenos Aires.

Tango Master Class

Learn how to dance Argentine Tango and experience it from your soul. Tango is a blend of considerations which align once your heart governs over your mind. All of these elements are lived, for learning tango introduces you to reflexion in a deep way. In Buenos Aires, you can take private Tango Lessons suitable for all levels of experience, spanning beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

It is fun, inspiring and you will make rapid progress. It is one of the best activities you can do when you visit Buenos Aires and the experience is unforgettable.

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Carlos Gardel and the History of Tango


Carlos Gardel and Tango are synonyms in Argentina. We pay tribute to the history of a marvellous singer (who died young in a plane crash while on tour in Medellín, Colombia). We will visit his home, the places he made famous, and his burial site in the Chacarita Cemetery.

Join us in tracing the history Tango, learning about its famous performers, and appreciating the passion behind this exhilarating dance. Inspired to hit the dance floor? We can arrange that, too.


Best Tango Shows


Argentina is the tango capital of the world. Created in Buenos Aires in the 1800s by poor immigrants, Argentine tango is one of the sultriest, seductive and mesmerizing dances around. If you have the pleasure of visiting Buenos Aires, do not miss your chance to witness the passion and strength displayed in a live tango performance, which truly encapsulates the spirit of Argentina.

Enjoy dinner and a professional tango show at the many dinner theatres Buenos Aires has to offer.

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Buenos Aires Night tour


We have chosen the most interesting itinerary to savor Buenos Aires´ spirited nightlife.

The City of Buenos Aires is beautiful in the daytime but it’s incredible at night. Monuments like the Spanish Fountain, Calatrava´s bridge in Puerto Madero, 9 de Julio Avenue are even more spectacular at night when the monuments are illuminated. We will stop in the districts of Palermo Soho, Puerto Madero, Recoleta and Las Cañitas to visit places favored by Porteños.

We finalize the tour at a Milonga (Tango night club) to meet locals and get to know the real tango in Buenos Aires.

Optional: Dinner at a great steak house for the famed Argentine beef.




Head to different Milongas with a local tango dancer, to observe tango performed by Porteños. Milongas are local tango clubs where amateur dancers meet to socialize and dance tango. You can learn how to tango, improve your level (by dancing with different people with different styles), see some excellent dancers (usually there is a professional couple that performs every night) and listen to live tango with traditional tango orchestras.

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