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Historical Tours

Join us to relive the past. You will have time to walk through historical districts with cobble stone streets, see fine examples of colonial architecture, visit the oldest church in Buenos Aires including a labyrinth of ancient tunnels and visit traditional cafes.

Also you will walk through old tunnels to visualize scenes of colonial times; see the remains of Buenos Aires where unearthed ruins of foundation, old walls, floors, water wells and sewage pits were built and destroyed in the 1700´s.

This tour focuses on the history and culture of the historic districts of Monserrat, San Telmo, Barracas, Almagro, Palermo and Belgrano.


Buenos Aires Historical Walking Tour

images/special-interest-historical-san-telmo.jpg At each stop on this leisurely walking tour we’ll discuss both the historic and contemporary developments that define our city. This tour covers areas such as Puerto Madero docklands, Buenos Aires Pier, fine examples of colonial architecture in San Telmo and a series of historical and residential neighbourhoods.

Multifaceted, endlessly fascinating and with compact and well defined neighborhoods, Buenos Aires is a city that richly rewards those who explore it on foot.

Recoleta Cemetery


Together with Pere Lachaise in Paris and Di Staglieno in Genoa, Italy, this is one of the most astonishing burial grounds in the world. As you enter the Cemetery, you will soon forget where you are and we are certain that you will feel you are in an open air museum, where you will not only learn about our history, but also about different architectural styles; and, above all, you will be amazed by the stories and legends hidden behind each monument.

It is essential to have a professional guide who knows all the secrets of the cemetery, where the most impressive mausoleums and sculptures are and to get the most out of Recoleta cemetery


Evita Tour

images/special-interest-historical-eva.jpg Although Eva Peron has been called the most powerful Latin American woman of her time, many people in North America and Europe had never heard of her until the musical was performed. Who was Eva Peron and why was she one of Argentina’s most powerful and famous leaders? From her upbringing as a humble country girl, to the leader of the Argentinean masses, you will be shown the real story of Eva Peron.

Some of the venues that we visit are: CGT ( Main labor Union office ), Luna Park, Peron´s residence, Duarte´s House, Evita´s Museum and the Recoleta Cemetery.


Immigrant Buenos Aires


For the past two hundred years, Buenos Aires has been the city of settlement for numerous migrant and immigrant communities and it continues to be so today. This tour is an introduction to the many layers of ethnicity in deeply textured neighbourhoods such as La Boca, San Telmo, Once and Retiro which received a tremendous and complex array of immigrant groups. This tour also includes the visit to the Immigrant Hotel and the National Immigration Office.

• Find out how the first immigrants arrived and what their first activities in our country were.

• Learn how Argentina was able to keep the offspring of the first immigrants, inclined to social promotion as well as political participation.

• The European influence in the architecture of Buenos Aires.

Other Tours that we strongly recommend:

• Spanish Immigrants in Buenos Aires.
• Italians in Argentina: A look at Post-World War II.
• The Jewish Immigration to Entre Rios and Buenos Aires.
• German - Russian immigration to South America.


Carlos Gardel and Tango Experience


Carlos Gardel and tango are synonyms here in Argentina. Join us paying tribute to the history of a marvelous singer (who died young in a plane crash while on tour in Colombia ). We will visit his home, the places he made famous and his burial site in Chacarita Cemetery.

Join us in tracing the history of the dance, learning about its famous performers and appreciating the passion behind this exhilarating dance.

Inspired to hit the dance floor? We can arrange that too.


Jewish Heritage


You will visit the most symbolic synagogues from the Jewish Congregation (both Sephardic and Ashkenazi). Then you will visit the traditional Jewish neighborhood of "ONCE" and other Jewish neighborhoods located in the north of Buenos Aires.

You will visit the new AMIA building (Mutual Association Israelite Argentina - Community Center), the synagogues, Jewish schools, Jewish sport clubs, kosher restaurants and special Jewish sites of interest.

If you have a special interest, please let us know. We will be happy to customize the itinerary for you.


Palermo Soho and Borges


Tour around the most interesting sites associated with renowned author, Jorge Luis Borges. We will visit his former residence, as well as those of his artist friends, historic libraries, and a beautiful park. We wrap up the tour with a discussion of his work at the Café Tortoni, former Borges hangout.

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