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Food and wine

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Tours for Food and Wine Enthusiasts

One of the joys of travelling is discovering the local cuisine scene – by visiting the top restaurants, local markets, meeting celebrated chefs or engaging in cooking classes and wine tastings.

Whether you’re an apprentice foodie or a well-travelled connoisseur, you’ll find a world of enticing tours to stimulate your appetite.

* Mendoza Wine Tours
* Salta Wine Tours
* Culinary vacation in Patagonia
* Buenos Aires: Culinary, Wine and Cultural Tours
* Argentina Wine Hotels


Buenos Aires: Food Capital of Latin America

images/mendoza-food-and-wine-buenos-aires-food-capital.jpg Buenos Aires cuisine takes on the world. Buenos Aires has the most important cuisine in Latin America, with a vast repertoire of dishes with European and Latin American influence.

On all of our tours you will discover the local culture through its gastronomy and fine wines. You will enjoy fine dining in exceptional restaurants, visit the most fashionable places in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and discover traditional restaurants only the locals know about.


* Gourmet Route

The best way to experience Argentina’s cuisine is through a culinary tour. This experience will provide you with the memorable opportunity to dine at exquisite restaurants learn to shop at local markets and immerse yourself into the tasty culture. You will return home not only with amazing photographs, but also with skills to delight and dazzle your friends and family.

* Cooking Class in Buenos Aires

Learn how to cook typical Argentine dishes in a small private cooking school in Buenos Aires. You will cook under the guidance of an enthusiastic chef who shares her cuisine secrets of typical Argentinean dishes and its relation to its culture; the cooking class uses traditional products from the specific country.

Each class has a duration of 2 hours and it is followed by either lunch or dinner based on the lesson’s subject.


* Premium Wine Tasting

Enjoy the delicate flavour of the best signature wines of Argentina, most of which were awarded as the best ones in the world. Torrontes wine from Cafayate Valley; sparkling Torrontes from the Famatina valley, La Rioja; Malbec from Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza and Merlot from Patagonia.

Optional: Dinner in Wine Bar or gourmet restaurant where typical dishes from different regions are carefully prepared.


Wine Regions of Argentina

images/mendoza-full-day-wine-tour.jpg Featured Tours

Discover and indulge in the pleasures of these enchanting regions with our new online booking service, unique destinations, vineyards garden tours, cooking courses, wine and gourmet itineraries, sightseeing museums and biking tours. We will also be glad to help you with custom-tailored tours, transportation, guides, interpreters and information about Mendoza and Salta wine regions.


* Wine Tasting in Mendoza

A trip to Mendoza wouldn’t be complete without at least one wine tasting adventure.

This tour takes you to the very heart of Mendoza, where vineyards and celebrated wineries open their gates to reveal the secrets of wine making and the contents of their cellars. We will guide you to visit the wine cellars, watch a genuine winery at work, and taste the final product in superb surroundings of Mendoza. You will savour the best Malbec wines, accompanied by the typical appetizers such as cheeses, prosciutto, extra-virgin olive oil, all made right on the premises.

You will also have an occasion to visit the local agricultural produce shop and stock up on the best wines and foods that have won over your heart and stomach.

Optional: Enjoy a very exclusive lunch in the laid-back atmosphere of a special Winery.
Premium Wineries: La Bourgogne restaurant at Vistalba Carlos Pulenta, Club Tapiz: Terruño restaurant, Benegas, and more top restaurants in Mendoza.


* Full Day Wine Experience

Enjoy being guided by a wine maker, to taste wines and visit the most prestigious wineries of Mendoza.

Early in the morning you will meet the oenologist who will accompany you throughout the tour. You will depart to Mendoza’s agricultural oasis and visit two prestigious wineries, of wine’s circuit; you will visit its facilities and you will be able to participate in a guided wine tasting, during which we will begin to familiarize yourselves with the local’s wines, and its elaboration process.

The sommelier will explain you the wine production techniques, the importance of the cork in the bottle and the correct way to handle a glass in order to taste wine.

At noon you will have lunch in a recognized winery, where we will enjoy a memorable gastronomic experience. In the afternoon you will be able to visit other winery and enjoy a wine tasting session.

 As the sun sets behind the Andes Mountains, you will return to the hotel.

 Optional Visits to Wineries in the Center Region - Lujan de Cuyo and Maipú:

Maipú: La Rural, Tempus Alba, Carina E, Viña el Cerno, López, Reyter, Tapaus, Navarro Correas, Benegas.

Lujan de Cuyo: Achaval Ferrer, Tapiz, Catena Zapata, Alta Vista, Nieto Senetiner, Cavas de Weinert, Luigi Bosca, Lagarde, Carlos Pulenta -Vistalba, Chandon, Norton, Finca Decero, El Lagar de Carmelo Patti, Séptima, Viniterra, Dolium, Clos de Chacras, Sottano, Melipal, Finca Flichman.


* Cooking Class

Our cooking lessons allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of Mendoza ( the wine country of Argentina) and learn to cook authentic Argentine dishes in an informal and friendly environment. You will learn the passion of the Argentine kitchen and, most importantly, have a lot of fun and enjoyment doing it.

Salta is the next most important destination for the serious wine aficionado.

images/estancias-villa-maria.jpg Salta Wine Tours: A tour along altitude wineries

The Cafayate wine region of Argentina is the kingdom of the white emblematic Argentine varietal: The Torrontes. In this area, grapes grow at altitudes between 1,600 meters (5,500 feet) and 3,128 meters (10,264 feet). Given 350 days of intense sunlight and temperatures ranging from 100 degrees F in the daytime down to 50 at night, the vines produce fruit that is highly aromatic and flavourful.

Salta Wine Tours: Calcaquí Valleys and Cafayate

Following the Wine Route through the Calchaquí Valleys, you will appreciate an interesting opening of the winemaking market onto the world of winery tourism, which lets you understand the process of growing premium wines. As you tour around the Wine Route in the Calchaquí Valleys, you will visit El Esteco winery, Yacochuya famed winery and learn about their renowned wines.

This high-altitude region turns out distinctive wines in scenic settings, perfect for a leisurely wine tour. The adventure is well worth the trip as the route is filled with majestic views of nature including foliage, mountain peaks, and sandy valleys glimmering like diamonds from the sun's reflection on the mica.

Optional: Wine Tasting Lunch: Treat yourself to the uniquely meals and some of the most exclusive wines within the historic family-owned winery that has been producing the best wines of Salta for generations.


Culinary Vacation in Patagonia

images/estancias-villa-maria.jpg Join us for an all inclusive fun filled culinary tour of Argentina in the Andean Mountains. Not just any culinary vacation, it is a journey into the fascinating world of Patagonia. Valleys with fine fruit, hops, aromatic herbs and wild mushrooms, amidst a string of lakes each one bettering the beauty of the others. The valleys stand as the perfect setting for you to take up or practice the art of exploring the Northern Patagonia landscape, get to know it and be gradually moved by its essence.

This trip includes cultural excursions, cooking demonstrations, tastings, hands on instruction, and best of all, great food and fine wine. We will also address areas of modern homesteading of interest to chefs, including milking, chicken raising, bread making, cheese and yogurt making, organic gardening, butchering and food storage.

The seven day trip features six nights in luxury accommodations in northern Patagonia and fun extras such as horse riding and fly fishing.


Let us know if you have any doubts or questions and we will send you very useful information about this destination as well as suggested activities that you can do in Mendoza.

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