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Art and Music

Ideas offers a variety of private tours of special exhibitions, museums, art galleries and public sculpture. All tours are led by docents who are native to Buenos Aires city.

These tours are designed for those who appreciate the personal attention of an expert who has designed a tour specifically to their needs and pace.

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Adventure in Arts: Combination tour Museum and Art Galleries


There’s something very special about learning about a culture and its people through the language of Art. An experienced docent will share with you the National Museum of Fine Arts, which houses several of Argentina’s finest painters; Malba (Latin American Art Museum) and the best art galleries in Buenos Aires.

Gallery Tours

For our gallery tours, our art director selects the three most fascinating and varied exhibits to explore. You will see the newest in painting, sculpture and photography, by Argentine and Latin American artists. At each stop, your guide, who holds a Ph.D. in arts education will lead the group in lively discussions.

Afternoon with the Masters

Led by a contemporary art enthusiast, this tour is ideal for art connoisseurs, fine art collectors, or any person seeking an exclusive experience. The tour provides an opportunity to visit studios of recognized local painters, silversmiths and plastic artists. Your guide will help you gain insight into Latin American masterpieces and explore the vision of Argentine contemporary art.

Colon Theater: Private tour

The venerable Teatro Colon reopened last May after three years of restoration works, with a star-studded opera calendar that includes Puccini's La Bohème and Mozart's Don Giovanni.

A fascinating guided tour of the world-class opera, ballet and classical music facility. Teatro Colón, opened in 1908, has hosted the likes of Callas, Toscanini, Stravinsky, Caruso and Pavarotti.

The tour of the theater and museum provides a glimpse of the building's inner workshops including visits with set-builders, costumers, and wig-makers.


Aldo Sessa Studio and Malba Museum


You will visit the Studio of a famous Argentine photographer, Aldo Sessa, who helps explain his photographs and artwork and leads the group into discussions. After this fascinating experience, you will visit the Malba, a magnificent constructed edifice housing tremendous art from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Cuba and Costa Rica.

You will find artists such as Frida Khalo, Diego Rivera, Rafael Barradas, Antonio Berni, Wilfredo Lam, Joaquin Torres Garcia, Tarsilia do Amaral, among others.

Also Sessa: Photography Class

If you're a interested in taking a photography class, you can take a Photography Class with Aldo Sessa, one of the most experienced and talented fine art photographers in Argentina.

Whether you're a fine art photographer, a commercial photographer, a serious amateur photographer or just starting out, you'll most likely find this photography class to fit your needs and interests.


Antique Tour

images/special-interest-art-and-music-san-telmo.jpg This will be a terrific visit through the most remarkable antiques, design and décor outlets in all styles and price ranges. These are guided tours of Antique Shops, Auctions, Fairs and Markets within Buenos Aires and its surrounding areas. The selection is huge, ranging from un-restored jewels in the rough to high-end British and French furniture. Your guides have extensive knowledge of local trade outlets, as well as specialist dealers who will help you find the pieces you are looking for.

Additional tours (i.e. on themes not listed above) are also available, please contact us for details. We are happy to tailor a tour to your interests.

We can accommodate individuals, couples, small groups and families.

Concert & Theater Tickets

Concerts in Buenos Aires are held in a wide variety of settings or venues, including pubs, nightclubs, churches, mansions, dedicated concert halls, entertainment centres, large multipurpose buildings, and even sports stadiums.

We specialize in finding and selling the Sold Out event tickets no one else has. Tickets to concerts, Colon theater, opera, ballet, tango festival and musicals.

Tango Show

Many places in Buenos Aires invite visitors to enjoy tango dinner shows in which, along with a national and international gastronomic proposal introduce dancers, singers and orchestras displaying the grace and the glamour of this musical genre from the Río de la Plata area.

Buy advance tickets at a special low price for the upcoming Tango Show.

Differences between Tango shows and Milongas

The Tango Shows take place in high-end theatres or Salons where the best professional dancers display the best tango in the city. These are shows where locals as well as tourists go. There are two tipes of Tango shows, the big ones and those that have an intimate atmosphere. I recommend the small ones which have twenty tables and the show is very modern and has a great band too.

Don`t miss a night at a Tanguería. It is a memorable experience where you can watch the best tango dancers at a Tango show.

The Milongas are dance clubs, where locals go to dance tango. Most milongas are held on a regular basis (usually weekly), and they often begin with dancing classes and sometimes demonstration dances. Usually, three to five songs of a kind are played in a row followed by a short musical break (called cortina) to clear the dance floor and facilitate partner changes. There are a number of informal rules that dictate how dancers should choose their dancing partners.

Inspired to hit the dance floor? We can arrange that too.

Our recommendation:

If you want to experience the real Tango it is necessary to visit both places since they are completely different and they represent the essence of Buenos Aires.

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