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Salta Day Tours

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Argentina Northeast

The province of Salta is located in the northwest of Argentina. This corridor displays a wide diversity of mountain and forest areas, spectacular landscapes and pre-Hispanic civilizations’ ruins. The colonial city of Salta is a perfect base from which to explore this vast and varied province.

Visitors will discover farms, plantations, vineyards, valleys, ravines, pre-Columbian ruins, archaeological sites, colonial cities and unique churches that preserve popular Sacred Art paintings and images. This is the right place to enjoy nature, appreciate unique artistic manifestations and taste delicious local dishes.

Let us know if you are interested in a pre-designed itinerary, or let one of our destination specialists create one for you.


Salta: Overview of the City

images/argentina-salta-cachi.jpg Half Day City Tour

Salta is known as Salta La Linda (Salta, the Beautiful), and it has become a major destination due to its old, well-preserved colonial architecture and the natural scenery of the valleys westward. This half day tour covers the major attractions in town including its Cathedral, San Francisco Church, the Provincial Legislature and a sampling of historical neighborhoods.


Quebrada de Humahuaca

images/argentina-salta-humahuaca.jpg Full Day Tour

The Quebrada de Humahuaca is a narrow canyon located in the province of Jujuy in northwest Argentina. It is surrounded by picturesque and historical towns: Tumbaya, Humahuaca, Tilcara, Miamará and Purmamarca. You will visit craft markets, colonial churches and admire the surrounding landscapes. This full day tour will allow you to walk around these notable villages as well as see the overwhelming Cerro de los Siete Colores ( Hill of Seven Colours ).


San Antonio de los Cobres, Purmamarca and Salinas Grandes

images/argentina-salta-salinas-grandes.jpg Full Day Tour

Departing from Salta we gradually ascend between impressive gorges along the Quebrada del Toro; we visit the ruins of Santa Rosa de Tastil, an ancient pre-Columbian village of 12 ha which had almost 2.000 inhabitants. We will reach an altitude of 3,775 m at the ancient mining town of San Antonio de los Cobres, and drive further to Salinas Grandes (Big Salt Flats), an immense depression of over 12.000 hectares of salt and also a vast and beautiful sight of the Puna. The road (Cuesta de Lipán) then climbs steadily again up to an altitude of 4,175 m, where we finally descend on a road curving around mountains and steep slopes until we reach Purmamarca.

The Salinas Grandes are the third Salt Dessert in the world in extension, after the Uyuni (Bolivia) and Salar de Arizaro ( Salta, Argentina).


Cachi and “Los Cardones” National Park

images/argentina-salta-valleys.jpg Full Day Tour The road joining Salta and Cachi will evoke nothing but delightful memories and profound excitement: The first challenge is the “Cuesta del Obispo”, a zigzagging slope across the forests up to 3,000 meters above sea level. Then the setting changes to a plain and arid terrain, watched over by the cacti of Los Cardones National Park.

Then tour begins the descent through the Los Cardones National Park following the Tin Tin straight, passing the town of Payogasta and on to Cachi.

The charming town of Cachi is located in the Calchaquies Valleys, at the foot of the Nevado de Cachi in the province of Salta, sits more than 2280m above sea level, and offers visitors a quiet, laid-back, and beautiful city setting. Cobble-stoned streets, small white houses, a small archaeological museum devoted to the Calchaquies natives and a craft market can be witnessed in Cachi.

** A few hours from both Salta and Cafayate, Cachi makes for an easy day trip or overnight stay with a handful of superb activities, making Cachi definitely worth the visit.**

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